Canineatosis of the Hip Bone

So I got bit by a mean ass dog yesterday at work.  I had to fight with two pit bulls for like 6 or 7 minutes straight and then two other times before getting away all while being threatened by the owners.  All I could worry about was getting home to Beckie and Elsa though.  I really thought my ass was as good as Milkbones.  Guess I was lucky…  This is the only wound.

dog attack

That fucker got me on my side near my hip bone…  It felt so unreal.  Im sore as hell now, feels like I fell down some stairs or something.  That “not so friendly” dog also ruined one of my favorite shirts…

Oh and I had to get rabies shots which luckily goes by weight.  So I only needed 1 in each thigh, 1 in my right arm and 3 right where the main puncture wound is.  I also have to go back 3 more times for even more shots…

Its funny that I wasn’t even that mad.  All I could care/think about was Beckie and Elsa and making it home to them… I guess thats just something else that comes with being a dad.  Even now Im just glad it wasnt as bad as it could/should have been.  The up side is Im free from ever getting rabies now thanks to all those wonderful shots and I didn’t get Alpo-itis or Canineatosis or any other weirdo disease from those dogs!

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