The Empire “Bikes” Back!

This is my new jam.  Its finally all together and rides so unbelievably nice.  I took my time with this one and finally have a bike that Im proud of.  So heres the specs…

Spicer Cycles Pursuit Frame 60cm.

Origin8 Cro Mo Lite Road Fork.

Velocity B43’s hand laced with red spokes to Origin8 high flange hubs.

Syntace Stratos Zero bars 38cm wrapped with Cinelli Splash tape (as of now).

Cinelli VAI stem.

Vintage San Marco Regal saddle.

Murphy seat post.

Pake Cranks.

Brev M 46t chainring I painted.

15t cog.

KMC Kool Chain.

Origin8 track pedals with Gorka straps.

Fyxation Session 700/23c Tires

Origin8 front break, DiaTech GF lever, PorckChopBMX cable housing

I made the Royal Guard front badge and put the Galactic Empire decals on the fork/rims.  Just another nerdy Star Wars theme I guess.  Hell, my Boba Fett bike is still in the works, should be done some time soon.  Anyways, here it is…

Hope you liked it.  Its really comfortable to ride believe it or not.  It looks aggressive as hell and is just as fast.

Is it Luck?

A while back I decided it was time to build up a nice bike that I could be proud to ride, you know… something nice from the ground up.  I started getting everything together.  I got my wheelset built through the guys at Velomine.  By the way, Ben at Velomine was a pleasure to deal with…  Anyhow, I then started getting everything else together.  Cinelli stem, Murphy seat post, origin8 this, origin8 that, KMC chain and so on.  I had a color scheme in mind and wanted the bike to look mean.  I was painting some chainrings for it and other odds and ends.  I basically got all nice/decent parts and ended up skimped on the frame (which i know was retarded).  I got some jap knockoff of a Leader frame and I definitely  got what I paid for.  It looked tight and was not total shit but I also wanted this bike to be my main bike so it just dident cut it.  So this whole time Id been looking at builders (which I never thought Id have the cash for) and other nice frames from companies like the Cinelli, Leader, Masi, and whatever else.  I came across Spicer Cycles through some google searches and loved what he was doing.  Ive always wanted a pursuit frame but was never able to get them at a decent price.  I also wanted a steel frame so bad.  I gave up in my searching for a bit and just dealt with the old frame. One day I went back to Spicer and I ended up getting lucky.  He had a clearance frame that just so happened to be my exact size, the exact style I wanted and was even a color red that was perfect, not to mention it was steel.  It was on sale all because of some small powder coat issues which I could give a shit about.  I got a hell of a deal but to be honest his prices are great to begin with.  I gotta say his quality is outstanding and service was even better.  Im just about done building it up and cant wait to put a shit load of miles on it…  steel pursuit

I love this frame.