To Move Backwards…

I know I have put up a bunch of posts about companies and or products that I like.  Im not a sponsor by any means, Im just passing along info that has helped me get cool shit for my bike.  Retrogression (formally Bikeage) is another company out there I feel deserves attention.  Cool dudes selling cool shit and not stealing all your cash while they are at it.  They sell a lot of quality fixed gear parts and accessories and not to mention they make tight t-shirts.   When I saw this site a while back when it was called Bikeage I already knew Id like what they were all about.  Being a fixed gear fan as well as a punk rock fan I thought with a name like that they cant suck and sure enough it was a site worth remembering.  I love the Descendents and always thought Bikeage would be perfect for a company/site about bikes(hell I almost got it tattooed on my knuckles). At first I thought “why change that, it fits so well?”  but after reading the “about me” on the site now I really like where it went…


1. The act or process of deteriorating or declining.

2. A return to a less complex or more primitive state or stage; to move backwards.
3. A Buddhist term that refers to one’s rebirth after death on earth or one of the other lower realms.

The first meaning may seem negative but can be interpreted in a positive way. The world seems to be headed in a pretty fucked up direction and good things often come from the chaos of “decline”.

I feel the second meaning really makes it relevant to bikes and more specifically, fixed gear bikes. Despite all the technological advances the bicycle has made over the past hundred years or so, here we are riding incredibly simple machines that lack the ability to shift – or even coast – just as people did at the turn of last century. Also, it literally means to go backward (which fixed gear bikes are obviously capable of).

The third meaning applies to the rebirth and expanding of Bikeage. Our decision to begin stocking reputable parts alongside our own products is an addition I’m sure you’ll be happy with and we’re stoked to be able to offer them at reasonable prices.

Check them out, buy shit from them.  Its great to support good dudes selling good shit…