Radical… I mean Radial Laced Front Wheels.

I don’t know what it is but I really dig radial laced front wheels.  It always makes a bike look so much better in my book.  To be honest Im not sure the up or downside to that lace pattern.  Some have told me its tougher and some have said its not.  I haven’t looked too much into it because honestly I could care less,  either way I just think it looks tight.  After all I’v said it a million times, it seems like most fixed riders enjoy looking at their bike just as much as riding their bike…radial b43 fixed gear

I just know that if I have my choice, it’ll always be a radial laced front.  Not to say I wont take/ride/dig/buy a semi-tangent (hope thats right) set of wheels, I just like radial laced the most!