Some More Nerdage For You…

I have a “project” bike Im working on, its going to be a Boba Fett theme.  I have never really took it out for a long ride yet so I figured I would today.  I really need to get started on painting this bike.  So far all I have done is a few decals and such.  Im going to paint it and I need to upgrade some parts.  I have it all planned out and I have a good feeling about it.  Going to do it right so its going to take a while but thats alright because my main bike is too fun to ride so this bike being on the back burner is no biggie.  Anyhow, here it is before the “project” really starts…

I dig this bike.  Its nothing special and I have yet to really dial it in (like mess with the seat angle) but thats because its going to all come apart and a lot of new parts will go back on it (plus its going to look like Boba Fett).  So for now that was it.  Its not my Spicer but it’ll do…

Light Up Treats!

I wanted to do one last Yo Gabba Gabba painting for Elsa’s room to fill in the last little space.  I thought a large Muno would be best.  I made these two lights for her room a while back out of large 70’s mask reproductions, they are like 3x4ish feet in size.  The spot I wanted to put the Muno was in between those lights.  I then thought it would be cool if I made Munos eyeball light up, so thats what I did…

And as usual, Elsa likes her treats.  She loves anything Yo Gabba Gabba.


Even More Treats!!!

Here are some more paintings I did for Elsa’s room.  I did a few Oski bugs too but I don’t have a pic at the moment…

The 2 in the black frames are 6×9 inches, mixed media on glass and the other is 8×10 inches, mixed media on glass.

Sheldon Plankton

This one of Mr Sheldon Plankton is 16×20 inches and is also mixed media on glass.  I really like how this one came out, Elsa digs it too!

This Nerd SpongeBob is 10×12 inches, mixed media on glass.  This one is just funny and like all the others, Elsa enjoys it.

I also did this Gooble when I made the other Yo Gabba Gabba paintings but forgot to put it in that post.  This ones kinda big too, its 15×21 (total) inches.  Gooble is tight, even though he’s got a bad attitude…  Dude is alway cryin about something.yo gabba gabba

Im sure Ill be making more.  I also did a Squidward and another SpongBob but just like the Oski bugs, I have no pic at the moment.  Thanks for looking!

Its (not so) ALIVE!

I just finished this painting.  Its 12x16x3 inches, mixed media on glass.  The shadow box is filled with circuit boards and wires and little glass jars filled with liquid…  Its all for looks though, none of it does anything but look like it is supposed to do something but then again its only going to be on a wall so looks is all that matters.  Anyhow, it was a fun one, the shadowboxs usually are.  Enjoy!

Cat Piss, Three Steps and 6.95 miles…

So yesterday was a busy day for me at work.  Most of the houses I had to go into were not total dumps but I did manage to come across a crazy cat lady.  The house smelled as if cats were spraying the area non-stop (as Im sure they were).  There was cat hair everywhere when I was trying to relight this weirdo’s water heater.  Shortly after leaving that shit hole I got a text from Beckie saying Elsa took three big, real deal steps!  I knew it was coming soon and that made my day…  After finishing work around 5, I took a big iced coffee with soy to Beckie and then even managed to get a nice little ride in.  I took my bike to Annapolis because its been a while sense I rode downtown.  I only got in 6.95 miles but they were fun…

I now have a bunch of paintings to finish…  (pics to come soon)


Beckie and I have been wanting to make Elsa’s room a little more fun for her.  I figured I’d make her some paintings for the walls of stuff she likes.  Seeing as how she cant get enough SpongeBob I decided I would paint her some big SpongeBob, Plankton and Patrick paintings.  I made them while she napped and then let her see them…

The SpongeBob one is 22×26 inches and the Plankton and Patrick are 14×18 inches.  All of them are mixed media on glass.

I also wanted to make her some Yo Gabba Gabba paintings.  I had the idea to put them in these really ornate frames Beckie and I got.  When I saw the Green one I automatically thought of Brobee.  Originally I just planned on using simple frames but I really think these turned out great mostly due to the frames.  I had to paint the Muno, Plex and, Toodee ones to match tho.  Brobee and Foofa were already the right color.

I had fun doing these and Elsa really really liked them.  It was awesome how she reacted when I first showed her.  She points to them everytime I bring her into her room now.  I ended up doing another little SpongeBob today when she was napping.

I had this other frame sitting around and when I was done the other Yo gabba paintings I thought a Gooble one would be awesome so I painted a bigger Gooble.  Its about 15×21 inches. Elsa liked that one too…

I have a bunch more to do as well.  I cant stop making them for her!!!

The Empire “Bikes” Back!

This is my new jam.  Its finally all together and rides so unbelievably nice.  I took my time with this one and finally have a bike that Im proud of.  So heres the specs…

Spicer Cycles Pursuit Frame 60cm.

Origin8 Cro Mo Lite Road Fork.

Velocity B43’s hand laced with red spokes to Origin8 high flange hubs.

Syntace Stratos Zero bars 38cm wrapped with Cinelli Splash tape (as of now).

Cinelli VAI stem.

Vintage San Marco Regal saddle.

Murphy seat post.

Pake Cranks.

Brev M 46t chainring I painted.

15t cog.

KMC Kool Chain.

Origin8 track pedals with Gorka straps.

Fyxation Session 700/23c Tires

Origin8 front break, DiaTech GF lever, PorckChopBMX cable housing

I made the Royal Guard front badge and put the Galactic Empire decals on the fork/rims.  Just another nerdy Star Wars theme I guess.  Hell, my Boba Fett bike is still in the works, should be done some time soon.  Anyways, here it is…

Hope you liked it.  Its really comfortable to ride believe it or not.  It looks aggressive as hell and is just as fast.

Radical… I mean Radial Laced Front Wheels.

I don’t know what it is but I really dig radial laced front wheels.  It always makes a bike look so much better in my book.  To be honest Im not sure the up or downside to that lace pattern.  Some have told me its tougher and some have said its not.  I haven’t looked too much into it because honestly I could care less,  either way I just think it looks tight.  After all I’v said it a million times, it seems like most fixed riders enjoy looking at their bike just as much as riding their bike…radial b43 fixed gear

I just know that if I have my choice, it’ll always be a radial laced front.  Not to say I wont take/ride/dig/buy a semi-tangent (hope thats right) set of wheels, I just like radial laced the most!