Some More Nerdage For You…

I have a “project” bike Im working on, its going to be a Boba Fett theme.  I have never really took it out for a long ride yet so I figured I would today.  I really need to get started on painting this bike.  So far all I have done is a few decals and such.  Im going to paint it and I need to upgrade some parts.  I have it all planned out and I have a good feeling about it.  Going to do it right so its going to take a while but thats alright because my main bike is too fun to ride so this bike being on the back burner is no biggie.  Anyhow, here it is before the “project” really starts…

I dig this bike.  Its nothing special and I have yet to really dial it in (like mess with the seat angle) but thats because its going to all come apart and a lot of new parts will go back on it (plus its going to look like Boba Fett).  So for now that was it.  Its not my Spicer but it’ll do…

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