Cat Piss, Three Steps and 6.95 miles…

So yesterday was a busy day for me at work.  Most of the houses I had to go into were not total dumps but I did manage to come across a crazy cat lady.  The house smelled as if cats were spraying the area non-stop (as Im sure they were).  There was cat hair everywhere when I was trying to relight this weirdo’s water heater.  Shortly after leaving that shit hole I got a text from Beckie saying Elsa took three big, real deal steps!  I knew it was coming soon and that made my day…  After finishing work around 5, I took a big iced coffee with soy to Beckie and then even managed to get a nice little ride in.  I took my bike to Annapolis because its been a while sense I rode downtown.  I only got in 6.95 miles but they were fun…

I now have a bunch of paintings to finish…  (pics to come soon)

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