Rideage… 4/21/11

I went for a long one today.  I missed riding yesterday so I figured Id double up today.  I went 22.something miles.  My odometer zeroed itself (actually I did it on accident).  Anyhow,  I took RT 2 into Brooklyn/Baltimore.  I gotta say that road kinda sucks on a fixed gear.  A lot of bumps/shitty road surfaces and a lot of uphill.  It was fun tho, I felt good about the ride.  I stopped by a buddys house that I haven’t seen in a long while only to realize I was at the wrong house…

I also stopped by a shop another buddy of mine works at only to find they are closed on Wednesday and Thursday…

I still had a good ride anyhow…

I saw this retarded ass thing.  Thought it was kinda funny…


Rode on the B&A a little bit as usual.  Its on my way home so I figure I should ride it.  Its smooth as hell for the most part…

Hopefully the weather is nice tomorrow too,  Id like to get another nice long ride in…

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