It seems most people in the “fixed gear” world enjoy “looking” at their bike just as much as they enjoy riding it, myself included.  I also think colors should match and compliment.  Sometimes thats hard to do on little details.  Alot of fixed bikes are colorful and well thought out and some companies help in making colorful components. Hell, look at Origin8, they make just about everything colorful and its awesome.  Anyways, PORKCHOPBMX is an awesome site to get cool colorful components for your bike too.  Its a BMX site that sells very awesome BMX parts but I have used stuff from them on my fixed..  It has just about everything you will need and the guy Justin that runs it is also a very nice dude and his prices are outstanding.  Dude ships out fast and its always quality.  I know Im not a BMXer anymore but break cable housing is needed on any kind of bike and i think its little details like that that can and will make your bicycle stand out.  Im really just riding fixed but like I said, shits gotta match and I like color.  Even if you just got to him for break cable housing (which is mostly what I have got from him along with some other small break parts) you’ll be happy.  I have had more people ask about the brake cable housing on my bike than anything else.  I could have went with black and it would have matched perfectly but, look at this RAD checkered housing…

PorkChopBMX makes me wanna get back on a BMX even tho its been like 17 years or so and I sure as shit don’t feel invincible anymore.  I guess I have been asked so many times where I got that black and yellow housing (as well as the hot pink) that I figured a blog about it was a good idea.  Also like I said, PorkChopBMX is so awesome to deal with that I want to send as many people his way that I can…

There is also a lot of cool grips on his site.  Anyhow, check him out when and if you can…

(Im not a sponsor, I just think you should support PorkChopBMX)

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