I came across this frameset the other day on ebay.  I don’t know about you but this thing is real tight.  I dig the shit out of it.  It doesn’t hurt that Colnago makes some quality stuff either


Id love to see this built up and i really wouldn’t mind riding it (or even owning it for that matter).  Im not sure if Id go wild with colors, pick one nice bright complementary color or just solid white for all the components.  Either way it would be nice to have, hell I enjoy just looking at it.

Im usually not a geared bike kind of dude but I also found this on ebay and thought I should share…

This bike looks so awesome and fast.  I kinda wish there were better or even more photos of it…

4 responses to “Colnago!

  1. thats a weird colnago. never seen a TT like that from colnago with straight seat tube.. super krono and sig have curved seat tubes.

    where’d you find that at?

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