The Nightmare That Is Changing Tires…

Im not sure if any of you other bike nerds out there hate the process of changing tires/tubes.  Id have to say that every time I have to do so I usually get angry and want to smash my bikes, give up riding forever and throw them all in the dumpster.  I love building up my bikes and having a project but tires are a effing nightmare.  I hate it so much.  I sweat, grit my teeth, cuss like a goddamn sailor but for some reason im always changing the color or brand or whatev…  Recently I have been building up a new bike (which will soon have a post all its own) and I wanted black tires on it (cause Im a nerd and i want them to match the color scheme Im going with) but i was dreading changing tires .  I had yellow tires on my old not so good frame and yellow just wasn’t gonna cut it.  My new frame is red and those yellow tires just made me think of  Golden Arches and 2 apple pies for a dollar.   Anyhow,  I got a pair of black Fyxation 700x23c’s and holy shit are they awesome.  I recommend them to anyone on a fixed/single speed/track bike that does mostly “city” riding.   These tires are so tight.  They are a total breeze to put on and feel awesome when riding (not to mention they also look tight and if your like me thats a plus).  I really want to stress the fact that they go on soooo easy and smooth.  My finger tips didn’t hurt at all and I didn’t drop a single f-bomb while putting them on my wheels.  They are not too expensive either at about $100 for a set.  Needless to say with these tires now on my bike, fixing a flat is no longer a nightmare but just say a “not so bad dream”…

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